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Friday, August 31, 2007

Junaid may cut an album soon

Reds and whites dominated the screen this Friday on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. The theme was “Pyaar, Ishq aur Mohabat” and no one seemed to mind the fact that it was the elimination Friday. Last week’s controversial episode seemed to have taken a back seat, had Aditya not mentioned that last week’s votes would be added to this week’s total. This is something that has happened for the first time on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa. Add to this: apna voting lights had disappeared. So no red, yellow, green lights any more. There was a big globe-of-fortune instead, that shuffled and finalised the performer who would remain in the team. Trust us, the lights may have changed, but the pain of losing a member always remains – especially since each of them is a talent ka nuclear bomb.

After Poonam and Mauli’s performance, when Amanat sang his bit and won a huge applaud from the judges, Ismailji commented “Baal ka boojh kuch kam hua toh achaa gayaa” (Now that you have cropped your hair and taken a big load off your head,you are singing well.) You should have seen the look on his face. Embarrassed red! Confession time: Our dear Aneek has a girl friend. He made an open confession about it but dare he slip her name. Initially when Himeshji asked him whether there was any chakkar in his life, he flatly refused. But later, he not only confessed it, but also wanted Himeshji’s blessings. Blessing he did get, not just from Himeshji, but also from Bappi Da, who sang a song for him.

The whole atmosphere was amazingly light when Raja stepped in. But when Vishal made a statement that in comparison to Aneek, Raja had now become the number 2, and that he needed to compete strongly against Aneek, Ismailji lost his cool. Vishal clarified that what he meant was the ongoing “better performer” battle that Aneek and Raja, very sportingly maintain. Ismailji, unmoved, said that “these two are not the only members in the team and the others are equally important. Kya gussa hai boss.

Poor Junaid! Since the last three weeks, he was down with a throat infection. But that did not show a bit in his performance. What a performer! As someone rightly said “the show must on” and we could not have found a better example in the episode. When it was declared that he was eliminated from the show, one could not help but remember how many applauds had Junaid won for his voice, right from veteran music composer Rakesh Roshan who said that “Junaid’s voice reminded him of Mohamed Rafi” to Sajid Khan who said “If your voice was on a CD, I’d sure buy that album.” Well fans need not be too disappointed for duo Vishal Shekhar have decided to cut an album with Junaid’s voice. Fans, be on the look out.

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