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Friday, September 14, 2007

Amanat, not Raja – the number 1

It was all smiles for Amanat Ali this week, for not only was he in, but also the number 1 challenger for the week. One could see the gleam in Ismaliji’s eyes, who sure did congratulate him, adding, that to win the show he shall have to remain the number 1 by focusing more on his performance. This week was also a request Friday. Hence we had television stars requesting the contestants to sing their favourite songs.

First on the line was Rohit Roy, who requested Amanat to sing “Aye Ajnabi” from the movie “Dil Se”. Rohit was all praises for Amanat’s voice quality. Challenger number 2 was Aneek Dhar. Upon Deven Bhojwani’s request he sang the title song “Apne to apne hotey hai” from the movie “Apne”. Shekhar was so moved by the performance that he (almost) had tears in his eyes. He voiced his appreciation for Aneek by declaring that he shall not only be the number 1 in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa but shall also rule the industry. ”Add as much honey as you can to the song” requested Kshitee when she asked Sumedha Karmahe to sing her favourite song “Kabhi Neem Kabhi Shehad” from the movie “Yuva”. Her say – “Your voice is as sweet as your looks”. An impressed Bappi Da thanked Chatisgarh for sending such a talented singer to Sa Re Ga Ma Pa.

People, what is happening? Raja Hasan, our number 1 performer till sometime ago, has slipped to number 4? He has been such an awesome performer, so why the slip, we wonder? Raja seemed in no mood to talk about the number game, modestly stating that his very survival in the show to date was due to all the votes that you guys have religious sent. Wow. That’s what we call the true sportsman’s spirit (or will that be the singer’s spirit or singer sportsman spirit? Oh ho …). Raja’s fan, the dusky beauty Rajshree was in a mood to get candid. “We have one thing in common” she said “my dad calls me Raja too.” Raja sang “Akhiya nu chane na aye” from the movie “Bandit Queen” and won the heart of Shekhar who firmly believes that Raja sings from heart and hence his songs are always “felt” deep within.

Poor Poonam! Why can’t the world look at her as a singer and not add those extra tons of pity. Hey, come on … let’s focus on her performance and not on what her past/present conditions back home are. She sang “Sabki baaratein aye” from the movie “Jaanam Samjha Karo” upon the request of Smriti Irani, who (like the many) said how she was inspired by Poonam’s spirit to arise from the struggling phase.Mauli found her a triplet of fans in the lead actresses of “Teen Bahuraniyan.” She sang “Nayi nahee” from “Parineeta”. Beautiful Prachi Desai request Mussarat to sing “Tere bin nahi lagda dil” from the movie “Traffic Signal”. “You shall not only get your roti but also Biriyani and all that you want” said Prachi. Mussarat sure bowled over Himeshji, who openly voiced his heart out, saying that if the day were the finals of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, he sure would have won the battle. But alongside, he also confessed his uneasiness about the star performer being eliminated. However when Harpreet Deol was eliminated, Himeshji was as upset as the others. He consoled the moist eyed Harpreet by explaining to him, that in the contest, ultimately the battle would be between two performers only. But that in no way meant that one was better/worse than the other. So with Harpreet, one more pearl gone. Seven remain.

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