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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Great Sindhi

Sarmad Sindhi was a popular Sindhi singer from Sindh, Pakistan. Sarmad Sindhi's real name was Rahman Mughal. He died in a car accident on December 27th, 1996.

Sarmad Sindhi was famous among his generation and sang all kinds of songs, from folk songs to songs of his homeland that praised the Sindh. His songs represented the problems of the Sindhi people, like Sindh Uchi, Sindh Uchiaa (Sindh is greater),tuhagi muhaj KuwanBan Khan (Sindh is greater then your and mine thoughts). Sarmad Sindhi sang mostly in Sindhi but had some hits in the Seraiki language as well. His songs are now sung by his brother Ahmed Mughal, a KTN & Kashish star.

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