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Sunday, September 30, 2007

King Khan meets Saregamapa Mega Finalists

The Mega finalists from Saregamapa Aneek, Amanat and Raja lived their dreams when they met none other than the King Khan- Shahrukh himself this week. Since the stars of Om Shanti Om had come on the show this Saturday and Shahrukh couldn't make it to the show, he  made special arrangements for the contestants to meet him and had a tete-a-tete with them at Mohan studio in Andheri where he was shooting for an Ad film.. When the contestants were told about the meeting they got really excited but once they reached the studio they became speechless. They couldn't believe that they were actually meeting the superstar himself in person. The three finalists were treated as stars too, as the unit members immediately recognized them as Saregamapa contestants. Infact one of them came specially to meet our Pakistan ke Mahabali Amanat and got a snap clicked with him. Shahrukh who follows the show Saregamapa Challenge 2007 regularly recognized all the three mega finalists and personally spoke to each one of them giving them tips on their songs. He told Aneek that he really liked his performance when he sang "Ek Chatur Nar" and told him that the fake moustache which he had during the song suited him a lot. He also requested Aneek to sing the song "Satrangi Re" from his Movie. Referring to Raja as the Bikaner ka Raja, Shahrukh showed him a step from the song "Chaiyyan Chaiyyan" and requested him to sing the same song in the coming episodes. He extended a warm welcome to Amanat Ali from Pakistan and told him that his forefathers are also from Pakistan and that he wishes that Amanat gets the same kind of love from India which he gets from Pakistan when he goes there.

Says Amanat Ali "I simply couldn't believe myself that I sat in front of Shahrukh and spoke to him for so long. He was extremely down to earth and was very warm to us. What is most encouraging is the fact that Shahrukh ji, watches the show himself and he requested all of us to sing a song from his movies". Last but not the least Shahrukh gave the advice to all of them that "Art has no winners as it is not a race so there is no number 1 in this and  hence all the contestants should compete with themselves rather than competing with one another". And with these golden words he bid them goodbye.

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